You know what? We'd love to see more intelligent, ambitious women running the show in film and on TV.  

So we created 'RARE BIRDS of FASHION’ a new comedy about BRENDA (Jackie Zebrowski) an ambitious, stylish, confident and plus sized woman living in NYC who defies the status quo and launches a plus size fashion line with her best friend ALIX (Haley Rawson).  

Brenda works for BOSS LADY (Stephanie Gibson) and her designer henchman UBER (Christopher Chwee) at a top NYC fashion house, but dreams of running her own plus size high couture fashion brand. Brenda is sick of shopping from SNOOTY SALES LADIES (Zoe Geltman) who only sell tiny sizes.    Brenda is determined to prove Boss Lady wrong, and make her MOM (Nancy Opel) proud, by launching her own line of couture for fashionable women of all body types with MAX GLASS (Anne Gottlieb.)

'RARE BIRDS' celebrates American women.  Exploring ambition, friendship and healthy body image, the series promotes  confidence in young women. This is a story about self acceptance at any size and shape.  We want to see intelligent, loyal and career driven women in leading roles, to provide young women with healthy on-camera role models.  

Contact: team@rarebirdsoffashion.com

Written & Directed by Lily Hayes Kaufman. Starring: Jackie Zebrowski, Haley Rawson, Stephanie Gibson, Christopher Chwee, Anne Gottlieb, Nancy Opel, Zoë Geltman, Lloyd Kaufman. Cinematography by Charlotte Kaufman Edited by Sharon Perlman, David O. Rogers.  Trailer by: Caleb Emerson Produced by: Pat Kaufman, Jackie Schwartz, Charlotte Kaufman, Lily Hayes Kaufman.  A SATURDAY CANDY Film